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Welcome to, a platform that connects skills, experts, and professionals. Once you have decided to be a member of our community, it means that you are ready to conquer with all our terms and conditions. Individuals looking forward to transacting via our website, post jobs or hire experts must comply with the terms and conditions below:


The Services;

It is true that individuals use our platform to post tasks & pieces of work or hire experts, but then this does not mean that we are directly involved in the agreement between the users of our website. We are solely a mediator, who makes it easy for the clients and the experts to interact and hopefully do business. While we may try to resolve possible arising disputes, we strongly encourage that you vet an expert and agree prior to commitment, equally you bid for projects that you are sure that you can comprehensively tackle.

Those who wish to transact via our system reserve the advantage to conveniently pay for jobs done to fellow members as per their agreement, withdraw of funds or deposit of funds to their account with us; all within our terms and how it works with us.



In order to use our platform, you need to become a member of our platform as a free and basic member or as a premium/professional user via paid membership. This is why you need to create a profile, which we regulate, monitor, disapprove if necessary per individual case. Free membership has a limited timeframe and has fewer features. Paid subscription has more flexible features and privileges. All members are treated as clients. Once you are a member, you will be given the permission to post information, as well as access the areas of the site that are declined to non-members. There are things that you are not allowed to do though, which includes violating our rules, posting information that’s not appropriate, accessing areas that are restricted from you and tampering with other members content among others.


  • The minimum funds you can withdraw from your account with us is KES 500,
  • While the minimum funds you can deposit is KES 1800.
  • Commisions apply for premium and professional plans.

Assurance of Security;

In case there is another person using the website with your user identifications or password, we shall assume that the person is very close to you and that they have the permission to do so. You should, therefore, take the responsibility of taking care of your user ID and password, we won’t be held responsible in case the wrong person uses them.


Availability of Recommendation Program;

We have a very reliable program that offers members awards or rather incentives when they refer new members to our website, we offer discounts, bonuses and subscription extensions.

Safeguarding of Copyrights and Brand Names;

Our website has a lot of content that members can view publicly, and some of which will not be what you put but that which was added by other users or the site’s licensors. One thing that you should never do is to sell, duplicate, adjust or exhibit any of them without our approval.

Warranty of Errors;

You are not the only one using our website, and therefore we cannot guarantee that using our website will not pose any challenge to you. Other users may have information that consists viruses, inconsistencies and this is why we encourage you to ensure that you have spare copies of the information you use on our website. What we do is to ensure that our website is operational 24/7 and secure but we are not at all liable for the errors that may occur.


Since we cannot control genuine and none genuine cases of memberships or individual intent of each member; we firmly advise that you avoid meeting people in private places to discuss deals or possible business that you have linked via our website. You should ensure that if you meet a new person when you are in the company of someone else or in a public place, alert someone you confide of your intended where-about of the said meeting. Do not agree to be given vehicle or motorbike lifts by strangers to such meetings or accept to exchange vital personal information or materials prior of being certain of a deal or job or service, ensure you start your conversation in our message board for transparency.

Disputes and Resolutions;

We encourage that before hiring an expert or bidding for a task, you do a comprehensive review of the bidders or buyers and verify the genuinity of every expert or buyer by probably arranging payments by installments, use of our messaging board in your conversations or seeking for references.

We highly advise that you avoid communicating with other members outside our platform for any dealings so that we can serve you better and also avoid unfortunate incidences, disputes or even being conned.

This way we can track the process and help with resolutions as well as member account supervision.

Kindly note that we are not directly liable for disputes arising from members’ disagreements and we do not pay on behalf of any member. The best we can do is to terminate a member’s account that could be associated with repeat disputes or gross misconduct.

These are among the terms that create an agreement between users and our website, which we are sure are friendly and applicable. 

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